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The Natural Health & Therapy Centre

Crystal Facials,  Reiki,  Aromatherapy,  Indian Head Massage,  Hot Stone Massage,  Access Bars,  Yoga Nidra,  Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Release & Renew

A favorite combination that I get asked for again and again is a Back, Neck & Shoulder massage followed by an Indian Head massage. This popular treatment addresses all of your back,neck and shoulder tension, releasing all those knots you've been storing. Extra focus around the neck and shoulder area is followed by a head massage and pressure point facial with time spent releasing mental fatigue and strain around the eyes.

Great for improving the posture of anyone with a desk job, or spending long hours at a computer or driving jobs for example.

Arrive in my therapy room with your aches and pains and mind chatter and leave super chilled, calm, clear headed and much happier!   

Back, Neck & Shoulder massage   30 mins

Indian Head massage                   30 mins    


Relax & Reset

Another popular treatment. I'm often asked how do you switch off the non stop chatter in your head in order to relax? This wonderful therapy combo can help with that. The solution is a combination of Indian Head massage and Access Bars therapy.

Indian head massage is a relaxing holistic treatment that uses acupressure massage on the head, face, neck and shoulder area. It also re-balances your bodies energies, relieves aches, pains and tension in the neck, back and shoulders, alleviates brain fog and stress and leaves you feeling clearer headed and lighter. Combined with Access Bars, a lesser known but very effective therapy, effortlessly experience the release of physical and mental blocked energy in the head and body creating a relaxed flow. If you were a computer you would feel like you had just been downloaded and re-calibrated!  Its so relaxing, reducing anxiety and stress and relieving insomnia and fatigue.

People report having a great nights sleep after this rejuvenating and relaxing therapy duo. 

30 mins Indian Head massage

30 mins Access Bars therapy


Cleanse & Clear

   Coming soon

Drift & Dream

Coming soon

Calm & Balance

   This stress busting combination includes an Indian Head massage and Reiki energy healing. Stress and tension is released from the neck,shoulders, head and face. Feel your stresses and worries melt away during a head and scalp massage. Additional tension and mental fatigue is eased from around the eyes with gentle massage and pressure point therapy inducing a feeling of wellbeing, calmness and relaxation.

Next, Reiki activates the bodies natural self healing process bringing a deep sense of peace as balance and calm is restored.

 Enjoy the fragrant aromas of scented facial and body mists spritzed around your aura to cool and replenish. 

This is a treatment that is both calming and relaxing, leaving you feeling energised and revitalised and better able to concentrate and focus with less chatter in the mind and stress in the body.

Indian Head Massage  30 mins

Reiki                          30 mins