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The Natural Health & Therapy Centre

Crystal Facials,  Reiki,  Aromatherapy,  Indian Head Massage,  Hot Stone Massage,  Access Bars,  Yoga Nidra,  Kundalini Yoga & Meditation



Hot Stone Massage is considered gentler on the body compared to swedish massage or deep tissue massage because the therapist uses smooth basalt stones instead of their hands to massage. However gentle it may feel though, the combination of the stones, heat, oils,massage and hydrotherapy allow the therapist to reach much deeper during the massage. This has a deeply relaxing and therapeutic effect, which revitalises the whole body, melting away all your aches and pains, and your cares and worries.

Afterwards enjoy the afterglow and relaxation and float slowly back to the real world. 

Hot Stone Massage Benefits

*Muscular pain

*Back pain

*Improves circulation

*Relieves stress and anxiety

*Improves sleep 

 1 hour 20mins of sheer bliss! £55 00